Betsafe Customer Service

Good customer service is one of the cornerstones of a casino’s ability to compete against others. Betsafe’s customer service is one of the best in the industry. The service is the same as at other BML Group casinos and can be accessed via chat, email or phone. This Betsafe review will reveal everything worth knowing about the customer service of the site. Among other things, we tell you how to contact us, how the different contact methods work and what kind of information can be found in the FAQ section. We’ll also open up a little bit about how responsible gaming works and how you can lock or unlock your gaming account if necessary. In other words, after reading this article, you will know everything you need to know about Betsafe customer service.

Betsafe customer service

Betsafe’s customer service is provided by BML Group, whose portfolio includes many other well-known websites, such as Betsson and NordicBet. Customer service is handled from Malta, where the company is also headquartered. The customer service is mainly staffed by young Scandinavians who have traveled to the island for work. Some continue their work longer, while others continue their journey faster. In any case, the guarantee is that you will receive customer service in Scandinavian languages at Betsafe. Over the years, BML Group has received several awards for the incomprehensibly hard level of its customer service, so fast and good service is promised. Added value is also added to Betsafe’s well-written FAQ section, which provides quick answers to most questions about the site. If you want to contact customer service directly, you can do so by clicking the small question mark to the right of the top menu. It will take you to a new window that will open the entire help center. The FAQ and all contact information can be found on the same page. The service is equally available on mobile.

Betsafe live chat

The most common way to contact us is guaranteed to be Betsafe live chat. This is because it is by far the fastest and most convenient way to contact us. The average response time when chatting is only 30 seconds, which is a top reading. Of course, the wait may be longer if there is enough hurry in customer service. When you contact Betsafe Chat, the first step is to fill in your own information. After that, you can talk to a Scandinavian languages customer service representative and get help immediately. Through chat, you can easily explain your problem or ask your question to a customer service representative, and the answer usually doesn’t take longer than a moment. If a solution is not found immediately via chat, your case will be forwarded to the right department. Once the case has been resolved, Betsafe will contact you by email. The benefits of live chat also include the ability to send attachments to customer service directly through the chat window. This is a really handy feature, for example, when a screenshot captures a problem better than a thousand words. The chat is open around the clock, so even when playing late into the night, you can be sure that help is always very close. It is definitely one of the best aspects of Betsafe customer service.

Betsafe email and telephone service

There are two other ways to contact Betsafe Customer Service. The first is email. The waiting time for the email service is stated to be 45-60 minutes, which is a really impressive figure compared to the competitors. Many sites take up to 24 hours to respond. Email is a good way to get in touch when your question is a little longer and you don’t need an answer so quickly. It is also a good idea to send more photos or other attachments by e-mail. In addition, email serves as an alternative to chat if the latter service rarely happens to be down.

The third way to contact Betsafe is by phone, more specifically a call request. Sometimes it’s appropriate to talk directly to someone instead of discussing the matter in text format. No Betsafe phone number is available, the service works by leaving your own contact details at the casino. You will usually be called within an hour, regardless of the time of day. Today, telephone service is a rather rare sight at online casinos, so Betsafe deserves full marks in this regard. Writing problems open is sometimes tricky, and access to phone service is definitely a great thing. Just tap on the contact form found on your website and your phone number and Betsafe will call you as soon as possible.

Betsafe FAQ

Before contacting Betsafe, you can always take a look at the comprehensive FAQ section of the site, where you may well find the answer to your question. The most popular questions are immediately raised on the front page of the section. Next to them is a clear menu from which you can choose your own topic. Possible categories include general questions, deposits, withdrawals and betting. You can also take advantage of the search box by typing an entire sentence or a single word in which you can imagine the desired article. The entire FAQ section has been translated into Scandinavian languages, and the language used is so simple that it is guaranteed to clear things up quickly. Often there is no need to talk to customer service at all when the answer was already found on the FAQ as on the pharmacy shelf. This will save you valuable playing time. After reading the answer, you can leave feedback on whether you were satisfied with the information you received. In this way, Betsafe can improve its FAQ section for the future. If you can’t find the answer to your question, of course you can contact customer service using any of the contact methods we mentioned above. The service plays around the clock, whether your choice is phone, email or live chat.

Closing an account - this is how it works

Unfortunately, gambling addiction is also a big problem in Finland, and that is why the industry is constantly working to solve it. In addition, many players are at risk in terms of whether or not they are in possession. If you belong to this group, help is available for this situation. Betsafe operates in Finland under a prestigious MGA license, the requirements of which include the player’s right to lock or close their own account. There are a few different ways to close your account. You can simply lock your account for the selected time directly through customer service or in your account settings. However, you can unlock this lock whenever you want. If you want to close your account more strictly, select the optional ban. That means you can’t log in or play for 12 months, no matter what. The account will not open automatically even after that period, but you will need to request opening from customer service separately. Even at that point, Betsafe will ask you a few questions about your gambling addiction before agreeing to open an account again. The block also applies to other BML Group casinos and any other gaming accounts. Opening new accounts is also prohibited.

If you feel that gambling is completely out of your hands, it is best to close all possible casino accounts. Also, remember to block promotional emails and newsletters as needed, as they may entice you to play again. When you voluntarily close your account with Betsafe, you will be automatically removed from the ad and news lists. No group casinos will contact you again unless there is an important issue with your account.

Betsafe responsible gaming

It is very important to Betsafe that all its customers play responsibly and do not risk money that they cannot afford to lose. The casino has also taken practical steps to achieve this goal. After registering on the site, you can choose your own deposit limit for one day, week and month separately. Once the selected threshold is reached, no deposit will be possible until the period has ended. Other responsible gaming tools are available and can be found directly on the Betsafe website.

There is also a dedicated section on responsible gaming in the site’s FAQ. It’s a good place to start exploring. Among other things, a link to a self-assessment test is available to help you assess if you may be at risk. Contact information for Finnish support organizations, such as Peluuri, can also be found at the same address. You can apply for peer support on their website or contact us directly via email or phone. In other words, Betsafe works in a number of ways to prevent gaming from becoming a problem for any of the players on the site.

Betsafe withdrawal

Secure and fast deposits and withdrawals are a vital part of playing at an online casino. That’s why Betsafe offers a whole range of different payment services that can transfer money in both directions. Many of them are aimed specifically at the Finnish and other Nordic markets. These include Trustly, which allows fast bank transfers using online banking IDs. Paysafecard and debit / credit card deposits are also available. We recommend that you make a deposit and withdrawal using the same payment method, if possible. Otherwise, it is more than likely that the first repatriation will be delayed due to a momentary document request. Once your personal information has been verified, it will be much easier to withdraw Betsafe.

The casino without registration has significantly changed the Finnish online casino market, and players now expect withdrawals to arrive even faster. This has also been noticed at Betsafe. The Trustly mentioned above also works here so that withdrawals arrive in your bank account in about 5-10 minutes, sometimes even faster. If you have redeemed the bonus, the withdrawal may take a while longer. This is because the casino will process your withdrawal and check that you have complied with all bonus rules.

Using the Skrill and Neteller online wallets is another way to make a quick Betsafe withdrawal. However, they require you to open an account with a separate service, which must then be linked to your own bank account. So if you want the money in your bank, it will take longer to withdraw, but of course it is no longer in Betsafe’s hands. The longest waiting time usually applies to card purchases, which can take about 2-5 business days to arrive, depending on your bank.

The minimum possible withdrawal amount is 20 euros, regardless of the payment service. If you have less money in your gaming account, you must first be able to play up to at least € 20. Withdrawal rules also include betting your previous deposit on games at least once. This is a security measure that prevents money laundering. You can visit the Betsafe website to see exactly how the different payment methods work. There you will find a convenient money transfer page where you can see the transfer times and possible expenses at a glance.

Betsafe news

Betsafe publishes its own blog where you can read the latest Betsafe news, including information about what is happening on the site. There are also game guides for craps and other games, for example. The blog will also keep you up to date on what’s happening in betting-friendly entertainment programs like Big Brother and Idols. The blog is updated regularly, so be sure to check back in time to see if there’s anything new fun to read. The blog is divided into different categories, so you can filter out only the news that interests you. It’s a welcome feature that makes it much easier to learn more about what the blog has to offer.

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